Love Bug Footprint (Valentine’s Craft)

I decided to get a head start on Valentine’s Day, by doing an adorable and easy craft!

We made 6 of thsee canvases at once to give to family as our Valentines Day cards, but just having one for yourself is just as good! We love having these up as decorations for each Holiday!

So, I started by getting:

  • white canvas (8×10)
  • red paint
  • black paint
  • googly eyes
  •  black paint pen/marker

I started by having my son in the highchair, it’s 10x easier than him being on the loose!

  1. I painted from his toes to about 3/4 up his foot with the red paint and the remaining 1/4 (pretty much his heel) black.
    painted feet


  2. I stamped it on the canvas and let the paint dry before decorating.image
  3. After the paint dried, I used a black paint pen  to draw the antennas on the love bugs head. image
  4. Then, I drew the love bug’s legs coming out on both sides.image
  5. I drew on our love bug’s heart markings on the red part of the body.
  6. I bought self adhesive googly eyes and pressed them onto the Love Bug’s head (black paint).
  7.  We completed by writing on Love Bug, Valentine’s Day 2016, and drawing black hearts and painting red hearts on.

Finished Product: image


You don’t need to do the extr hearts, it looks so cute without, but I just wanted to play around with ours, so I tried adding extra things!

It’s a fun activity, especially if your child doesn’t mind not being able to use their foot for two minutes, unlike my child, who screamed the whole time! Next time we’ll do a handprint canvas and see how that goes!



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